MG Motor people and communities

People & Communities

MG for over 9 decades has brought people together & brought alive shared experiences. In 1930 what started as an excuse to get MG owners together for a few hours, is today a full-fledged MG community with more than 70,000 members across the globe, who come together to form the MG family. The MG owners (vintage, classic, modern MGs) share one thing in common, the love for MG cars.

MG Motor brand pillars innovation


Connected cars, future of mobility, internet cars are not mere buzzwords for us. We know that being future ready means prowess in innovation, autonomous drive, Intelligent AI integrations and digital on smart screens seamlessly connected across for you. We are gearing up for a better future.

MG Motor brand pillars experiences


The core of the world of MG is 'Exciting Experiences'. Unlike other auto players, we are not here to sell cars and transact but to build & create experiences with you, for you which amplify your choices and lifestyle. MG Hector is a testament to do that just like our other global products.

MG Motor brand pillars diversity


With more than 31% women workforce,we invite more women to join the workforce. Diversity for us goes beyond gender, sex, caste, cultures, religion. At MG, you would find different people working in a cohesive environment because we believe diversity does not divide but binds us.